Laser Care

Skin toning, Face lifting, Hair removal, Tattoo removal, wrinkles, Eye wrinkles, Eye Bag, Moles, Skintags.  Syringoma lentigo, Stretch mark, Dark circle

Vivace Laser

Face lifting / v-Line
Fine line / Wrinkle Care
Forehead Elevation
Pore Tightening
Acne Care
Acne Scar Reduction
Volumetric Rejuvenation

  • Melasma, pigment

  • Freckle, Sun Spot

  • Inflammatory Acne

  • Nevus of Ota

  • Cafe Ore

  • PIH (Hypermelanosis)

  • Hair Removal

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Mole

  • Wart

Agnes Laser

Can treatment be done in one day?

No. One round of treatment requires 2 visits.  It is necessary to revisit the clinic within 1 to 3 days after the initial treatment to extract any residual debris to avoid any further infection in the hair follicles.  This will ensure that the treatment is effective.

When will I begin to see the effects of the treatment?

Results should be visible 1~2 weeks after the treatment.  Just one AGNES treatment can show a significant improvement to the skin and there maybe no requirement for further treatments.  After one week of treatment, any redness and swelling will be gones.

If the sebaceous glands are removed, wouldn't my skin become dry?

There are millions of sebaceous glands on the skin. Destroying a few sebaceous glands will not make one's face dry. Rather, when high radio-frequencies are applied to remove the sebaceous glands, the pores will contract and collagen production will be stimulated.  Then, the overall condition and elasticity of the skin--and not only acne scars--will improve.

  • Severe Acne (Inflammatory Acne, Comedonal)


Treatment Period

3~5 treatments in intervals of 1~3 months.

Treatment Duration

5~20 minutes per treatment according to the severity of the condition.
Shorter duration compared to the acne treatment (no need for extractions).

Treatment Progression

Slight swelling may appear on the day of the treatment but will settle as time passes.
Fine scabs may appear on the needle puncture sites but they are not boldly visible.
Visible changes on the Syringoma size may not occur during the first month but the syringoma will gradually decrease in size during the 3~56 months after the treatment.
* (This time depends on the phagocytic cells within the skin that will gradually decrease the amount of destroyed syringoma tissues.)

Under-eye bags

Treatment Period

2 times of treatment recommended at 2-month intervals

Treatment Times

15 minutes per session (excluding anesthesia time)

Treatment Results

Slight swelling and heat flashes may occur on the treated area immediately after treatment but will alleviate in 1~3 weeks
Treated area may feel irritated and tightened for 1~3 weeks
Bruises and redness may appear right after treatment but will alleviate in 1 week
Keratinization may be occur for 3~7 days.


Treatment Period

1~5 treatments in an interval of 4 weeks is recommended

Treatment Duration

5~20 minutes per treatment according to the severity of the condition.
Treatment parameter on time setting is shorter (100ms) compared to the acne treatment (120ms)

Treatment Progression and Precautions

Prescribe a steroid topical ointment to apply on the treated areas if the redness stays longer than a week. The accumulated heat during procedures may cause the redness.
Explain to the patient how to treat the debris from the treated pores as part of home care.  It should be gently wiped away with a Q-tops, and the patient may expect to see debris up to 67 days from the initial date of service.
Pores will look enlarged after the treatment.
Additional treatment sessions can be recommended on untreated blackhead pores for a better outcome.
Significant decrease of blackheads will be visible even after 1~2 treatments.
Unlike the acne treatment, the sebaceous glands are NOT destroyed. Instead, they are reduced to lessen the production and activity of the gland.

Eye wrinkle

Treatment Period

3~5 treatments in a 4-week interval

Treatment Duration

5 minutes per session

Treatment Progression

Slight swelling may occur on treated areas immediately after the treatment but will alleviate within the next day.

Bruises or redness may last for 1 week.

Keratinization may be occur for 3~7 days.

  • Skin Tightening

  • Face lifting / V-Line

  • Periobital wrinkle reduction

  • Eyebrow & Jaw Lifting

DPL / 3D Dual Laser

Severe Acne, Mild Acne
Epidermal pigment, Melasma
Freckles, Hair removal
Skin Rejuvenation, skin Brightening
Almost painless