1. Basic Care $120 / 70min

Deep cleansing
Facial, shoulders and neck massage
Vitamin C, Collagen, Infusion with Cryoderm
Balancing treatment mask

2. Meridian Facial Massage $150 / 80min

The benefits of facial massages go beyond just feeling good. These techniques help release tension, boost circulation and assist in riddling the skin of impurities. In addition, facial massages have been found to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

3. Skin Brightening $350 / 80min

Deep pore cleansing
Facial massgae / extracton
DPL Laser & Special Modeling Mask
Removing Sun spots, freckles and dscoloration
Skin tone brightening
Improves skin health

4. Skin Care for Men $150 / 80min

Gloria produces healthy and handsome men by systematic treatments on your skin

5. Dark Circle $700 / 80min

Dark Circle look like a shadow under your eyes, which makes you look dark, older, tired and sick.

6. Large Pore Care (Minimize Pores Reduction) $450 / 80 min (M.T.S.)

To be a beauty, begin from a pore treatment.

7. Wrinkle Care $150 / 80min

New Collagen and Elastin, Forming, Anti-aging
Large pore reduction
Skin brightening and Lifting
Lifting machine + Modeling mask

8. Freckles

No matter how fine you look, you may have messy skin that spoils your beauty.

9. After Laser Care

Skin Care before and after laser surgery increases the effect even more.

10. Allergy / Atopy

What is Contact Dermatitis? It is a type of skin inflammation that occurs when you are exposed to substances that cause a skin irritation or allergy.

11. Nevus / Wart

"The spots on your clean face" spoil your impression

12. Lentigo

"Age spots, an unwelcome guest to your skin"

13. Wedding Care $300 / 100min

Gloria's wedding skin care program makes the perfect bride and groom with fine and clean skin and professional make-up, which will fit beautifully white tuxedo and wedding dress. Gloria's wedding care program for special brides and grooms on the special day.