I can see my skin is glowing and healthier – Jamie L.


I can see my skin is glowing and healthier – Jamie L.

| July 18, 2012

I am not a person who takes care of my skin well. Through a friend, she asked me to join her, the place was clean, cozy, quiet and nice.

My Esthetician was very concerned about my skin. Before she stared, she asked me about my skin condition. When she started the massage, I felt relaxed and restored. Also she did good job on targeting the are of concern and applied the right amount of pressure as well. I had a stiff neck and shoulder due to long period of using computer, the massage soften up that area and I felt so good~ I almost fell asleep.

After the facial and upper body massage, she put me moisturizing facial cream. She gave me skin care regimen advice but didn’t push me any products, plus she shared thoughts about what we would do for my next facial to customize it. I can see my skin is glowing and healthier.

The place is a great deal for the price and will definitely go back.

- by Jamie L.

I would highly recommend Gloria’s to anyone – Judy & Veronica Morrow

| July 18, 2012

My friend recommended me to Gloria’s Skin Care. I experienced first-hand how wonderful their service is. After my facial I could see the results right away, my skin looked great and i felt great. My face was glowing. I was shocked that I could receive such great results for such and affordable price. From the moment I walked in the door the employees made me feel comfortable and right at home. It was such a friendly atmosphere. Gloria’s is clean and relaxing. It was such a calming experience. I was satisfied that I have since taken my daughters with me, and told all of my friends. I would highly recommend Gloria’s to anyone.

- Judy & Veronica Morrow
Simi Valley, CA

Thank Gloria from the bottom of my heart – Janice Kim

| July 18, 2012

I am writing this letter to sincerely thank Gloria Skin Care from the bottom of my heart.

I have been visiting Gloria Skin care since a few years ago and many know me as ‘darae’s mon’.

the reason I am writing this letter is to tell how effective the skin care I have been receiving has been for me and what an enjoyment that has been.

I especially want to thank Gloria who has been taking care of me each week.

You always have a bright smile from the beginning to the end and because of your gentle soft touch, my face has been glowing.

Every time you mention how lovely my skin is for my age and that I an aging backwards, I always thing deep down how great it was to come to Gloria Skin Care.

I take care of my skin for myself to feel confident but the times that we have shared has been a pleasant experience as well.

Also, I want to thank the director who has had a soft spot from me from the start.

Just once more, I’d like to thank Gloria from the bottom of my heart. I only wish a prosperous and flourishing business for Gloria Skin Care.

- Janice Kim

Recommendation Letter, Gloria Skin Care

| July 18, 2012

To whom it may concern

I understand that everyone once experienced difficulty finding ‘the right’ skin care. I had the same experiences. My serch for the PERFECT Skin care place started in my early 20s. Unfortunaltely, I had no luck finding it until few years back when I found Gloria. I can tell you that I wasted so uch money and time over a decade of searching. There were few occasions when I bought the membership for 10 treatments and only went to a few because I did not feel like wasting time when I already wasted my money. Yon can tell how happy I was wen I filnally met Gloria on 2009. It was a pure luch theat i stombled upon the place. I was looking for a place to get the natural look eyebrow tattoo for my sister’s birthday present and they had special sale of 10 facials and eye brow tattoo for $400 at the time. In fact, I did not expect much because of its very low price. I thought I would just get one facial pack, nothing special. It turned out that is was the close to the best services I had with the cost of odver $1,000. Affordable price was only one good aspect of Gloria. I was able to choose my skin care practitioner and keep her for every appointment, which allowed her to know my skin type and care I needed for every time. She uses diifferent serums to apply, depends on my skin condition at each appointment. In many timeother skin care practice, each 10X treatment you buy, you can only buy one kind for all 10X treaments, which is usually either on of vitamin or collagen. One more thing I like about Gloria is that they use serum, not cream. They use a cream for the massage, but they apply serum afterwards. We all know how expensive serums are, compared to a cream. Lsat thing, but not least, I like about gloria is the they NEVER try to pursue me to buy things, not even the very first treatment. I hate getting pressure into something I don’t want, which other clinics forced me to do in very many occasions. I just think everyone has to ry and see for themselves. So for, I brought more thean adozen of friends here, who like it as amuch as i did. I recommend Michelle, Joyce,, and Juhee. I had the best skin care experience with them. I an 31 years old and I don’t even have eye bags or fine lines under my eyes!! One tip is to start early and get in the habit of listiening to your skin care professional(thing like take your make up off before your go to bed)!

Thany you Gloria for our great service!!